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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of creatures are in Star Wars?

The Star Wars galaxy is full of alien species, ranging from sentient favorites like the Mon Calamari of Admirable Ackbar fame to less intelligent creatures like the Gungan-favored, slobbering Blarth. Not all of these strange creatures are fun to look at.

What kind of animal is a Lepi rabbit?

The Lepus carnivorus, more commonly known as Lepi, were a species of sentient rabbit, ranging in color from green to dark blue. Their most distinctive features were long ears and feet and buck teeth. Native to the planet Coachelle Prime, their high reproductive rate forced them to colonize the entire star system to avoid overcrowding.

What was the name of the Lepi in Star Wars?

The Lepi was a sentient species characterized by their lanky frame, long ears, and buck teeth. One notable Lepi was the smuggler Jaxxon . "I hate to admit it… but I'm impressed.

How tall is the freakiest creature in Star Wars?

Here are the 10 freakiest creatures in Star Wars history, ranked. 10. Woodoo Standing at about 9 feet tall with flappy little wings and a half-dinosaur, half-rooster head, the Tatooine-native Woodoo certainly qualifies as “freaky.”

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