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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the narrator of the show rabbits?

In the show, narrator Carly Parker searches for her missing friend Yumiko "Miko" Takata and finds herself in the midst of a decades-old alternate reality game known as Rabbits or simply "The Game." A main feature of Rabbits is the use of pop culture references, especially to classic video games like Defender and Space Ace .

What did Wil Williams say about the podcast Rabbits?

Wil Williams criticized Rabbits for its writing, acting, and production, along with the other Pacific Northwest Stories podcasts Tanis and The Black Tapes, as well as its pacing and advertising ("How am I, the listener, supposed to feel suspense or concern in an intense plot moment when the host stops her narration to talk about Nature Box?").

Do you need a subscription to watch rabbits?

Please log in or subscribe to continue. In the second episode of Rabbits, Carly continues her search for Yumiko aided by a potential new ally, a stranger who appears to know a great deal about the mysterious game known as “Rabbits.” This content requires a premium subscription.

When does the rabbits book by Terry Miles come out?

In 2021, a Rabbits novel written by Terry Miles will be released. The novel tells a new story set in the same world as the podcast. ^ "RABBITS Podcast". Kickstarter.

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