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Frequently Asked Questions

How does racial equity affect the food system?

There are many systemic factors, including myriad racialized policies in the U.S., which have contributed to racial inequities in the food system. The influences of these policies show up in the food system and are central to a comprehensive understanding of racial equity issues in food and agriculture.

How is the food system shaped by racial injustice?

The U.S. food system has created and been shaped by racial injustices since its inception. The ways in which racial injustice is made manifest through our food system are sometimes quite clear and other times murky at best. Data is a powerful tool that can either illuminate or obstruct the reality of injustice.

How is food apartheid a form of discrimination?

Apartheid is a system of institutional racial segregation and discrimination, and these areas are food apartheids because they too are created by racially discriminatory policies.

How is heal Food Alliance addressing food apartheid?

HEAL Food Alliance offers a comprehensive policy platform to address food apartheid root causes and build a better food system. As an example of transformative policy change, the Navajo Nation passed a tax on unhealthy food to fund community health initiatives in 2014.

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