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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of jobs do people of different races get?

Different races and ethnicities cluster in different sectors. Hispanics, for example, account for about 15 percent of all jobs, but a whopping 36 percent of all high school dropouts. They make up about half of all farm workers and laborers, 44 percent of grounds maintenance workers,...

Are there any black jobs in the US?

A... Forty years ago, two companies were known for aggressively recruiting minorities on college campuses: IBM and Xerox, both considered hot tech companies of that era. My senior year in college, a black sales rep from IBM encouraged me and a group of fellow black students to consider a career with the company.

What is the meaning of the word racialize?

: to give a racial character to : to categorize, marginalize , or regard according to race (see race entry 1 sense 1a) Just as racist power racializes people, racist power racializes space. The ghetto, The inner city. The third world.

Who are more likely to get good jobs white or black?

White Americans still disproportionately outnumber their African American and Latino counterparts when it comes to obtaining good jobs, regardless of education they have obtained.

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