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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you call a Raco steel box?

RACO®STEEL BOXES, COVERS AND ACCESSORIES A2 RACO bOxes, COveRs And ACCessORies General information STEEL BoxES, CovErS andACCESSoriES stAndARds, 2014 nAtiOnAl eleCtRiCAl COdes® Applications: Steel Boxes

What kind of steel is a Raco switch cover made of?

Standard Material: Steel Covers, Outlet And Switch Boxes • Steel boxes and covers are made of.0625 inch thick pre-galvanized sheet steel • Handy Box covers are made of.030 inch thick galvanized sheet steel GENERAL INFORMATION – STEEL BOXES AND COVERS A2 RACO STEEL BOXES & COVERS

What do you need to know about Raco wall covers?

Electricians trust RACO for quality and innovation in Boxes and Covers for 100 years! Design is ideal for mounting fixtures in existing walls or ceilings with obstructions that limit depth. To easily and quickly terminate home runs and other electrical wiring. Features RACO's patented STAB-iT® clamps for MC built-n.

What kind of rating does Raco steel cover have?

RACO®steel boxes and covers generally carry the following compliance ratings. Check specific catalog pages for individual compliances.

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