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Frequently Asked Questions

What racquet to choose?

Choose head-heavy racquets for added power and stability. Head heavy racquets are best for baseline play and beginners and are usually found on power racquets. They are slightly weighted up near the top, and this makes them slightly less maneuverable. Intermediate and advanced players usually prefer a head-light or balanced racquet.

What is the difference between a racket and a racquet?

Key difference: Racket is defined as a noisy disturbance or loud commotion. Racquets are a piece of sports equipment used by players. The word ‘racquet’ has its origin in the French word racqutte and distinguishes it from racket, which in English means ‘noise or disturbance’. Racquets are sport equipments used by players.

What are the different types of racquet sports?

Racket (or racquet) sports Badminton Ball badminton Basque pelota Frontenis Xare Beach tennis Crossminton (previously "Speedminton") Matkot Miniten Paddle-ball Paddle tennis Padel More items...

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