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Frequently Asked Questions

What frequencies do radar detectors use?

Radar Detectors. Police use microwave Doppler Radar that transmits a narrow beam (9° to 18° wide) in 1 of 3 frequency bands (X, K, or Ka band). The radars can operate from a stationary position or a moving patrol car. Range depends on target size, shape, and reflectivity, and varies from less than 500 feet to over a mile.

How to detect RF signals?

Make use of antennas to detect RF signals. Once received look at them on spectrum analyser. If you want to receive only some bands then use filters to allow or stop the bands.

What devices use radio frequency?

Radio frequency or RF devices are the devices which work on Radio frequencies. They are wireless devices. Examples of RF devices include your mobile phone, router, Bluetooth devices, FM radios, walkie talkies, radars, etc.

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