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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a record player repaired?

Most of the time they are such a joy to work on. If you have a record player in need of fixing, visit our record player repair page. Or click here Record player repair. If you just need a needle, we carry replacement record player needles.

Is there a place to repair a stereo turntable?

Repairs on most Vintage Stereo turntables / record players / phonographs. After 72 years in the biz, the folks at ''Northern-TV" are able to do restoration / repairs on most classic turntables / phonographs.

Can a 45 rpm record player be repaired?

Record Player Repair. Including all makes and models, from high end precision phonographs to children’s basic record player models, including the very popular RCA 45 rpm players . While most repair centers won’t even look at record players, we actually look forward to seeing them. Most of the time they are such a joy to work on.

Where can I repair an RCA 45 record player?

We are the industry leader in RCA 45 player repair and the under the dash car 45 record players. Phonograph and turntable repair requires a delicate hand and an ear for sound quality, we provide both here at FYLP Restorations.

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