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Frequently Asked Questions

How should a package of radioactive material be labeled?

(a) Unless excepted from labeling by §§ 173.421 through 173.427 of this subchapter, each package of radioactive material must be labeled as provided in this section. (b) The proper label to affix to a package of Class 7 (radioactive) material is based on the radiation level at the surface of the package and the transport index.

What is the maximum surface radiation level required for radioactivity labels?

For example, a package with a transport index of 0.8 and a maximum surface radiation level of 0.6 millisievert (60 millirems) per hour must bear a RADIOACTIVE YELLOW-III label. (c) Category of label to be applied to Class 7 (radioactive) materials packages:

What do you need to know about radioactive warning labels?

Radioactive warning labels must be provided for all radioactive material containers, laboratory equipment used in conjunction with radioactive materials, radiation use and storage areas, radioactive waste containers and radiation-producing equipment. These labels must be conspicuous and readily identify the radiation hazard.

What are the regulations for transporting radioactive materials?

The areas regulated include the packaging, contents, radiation levels, and various transport requirements, including labeling and shipping papers. Before transport, shippers of radioactive material are required to check the radiation levels of packages to ensure that all levels are within allowed limits. At one meter (3.3 feet) from the package.

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