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Frequently Asked Questions

How does cervical radiofrequency ablation work?

By destroying a small section of nerve tissue, cervical radiofrequency ablation stops the pain signals the nerves were sending to the brain. The procedure is a minimally invasive way to effectively relieve pain.

Is radiofrequency ablation right for You?

Radiofrequency ablation may be right for you if you have chronic pain that does not respond to other treatment, such as pain medication and physical therapy. Talk to your physician about it. To schedule an evaluation at Cleveland Clinic’s Department of Pain Management call 216.444.PAIN (7246) or 800.392.3353

What is radio frequency ablation of L4 L5?

Radio Frequency Ablation. The procedure involved identification of the pain source with a steroid injection to the facet joints near L4-L5. If successful, the process is repeated to confirm location. If comfirmed the nerves in the area are deadened with a high frequency signal.

Can radiofrequency ablation be used to treat lower back facet joint pain?

However, the facet joints and their function in the spine are vulnerable to injury, tissue damage, and inflammation. The most common condition treated by radiofrequency ablation is lower back facet joint pain where the medial branch nerves are located.

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