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Frequently Asked Questions

How is radiography used to diagnose hip arthroplasty?

Radiography is the primary imaging method for the evaluation of Total Hip Arthroplasty. This overview focusses on the normal findings and complications of cemented versus non-cemented hip arthroplasties. Interactive cases are presented in the menubar to test your knowledge on hipprostheses.

Which is the best type of hip arthroscopy?

Acetabular labral tears are the main indication for hip arthroscopy which is the gold standard 9-10. Partial labrectomy and labral repair are the current surgical options. Preliminary scientific data suggest that labral repairs can heal and patients can expect both symptomatic and functional improvement.

When to know if your child has hip dysplasia?

If a child is older than 3 months or 13 weeks, then an alpha angle of 50-59 degrees is considered a sign of dysplasia, i.e type IIb.

Are there any acetabular labral tears in the hip?

With the increasing use of hip arthroscopy in orthopedic surgery since the 1970s pathologies of the acetabular labrum as a possible cause of chronic hip and groin pain have become more familiar to a wider medical audience. Acetabular labral tears are not infrequent. They are found in 55% arthroscopies for intractable hip pain 1.

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