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Frequently Asked Questions

What education is required to become a radiologist?

The road to a career as a radiologist typically begins with earning a bachelor's degree. Medical school prerequisite courses include biology, chemistry and physics. A number of undergraduate students opt to work or volunteer in medical settings to gain experience.

What schools offer radiology degrees?

A wide range of colleges and universities allow students to earn a bachelor's degree in radiology. Some of these schools include: Fairleigh Dickinson University houses a Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology program. Saint Joseph's College provides an online Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Science Administration program.

How to become radiologist in 5 steps?

Steps to Take to Become a Licensed Radiologist Earn a Bachelor's Degree. Students who are pursuing a path to an M.D. ... Medical School. Radiologists must have an M.D. ... Internship and Residency. At this point, the student has their M.D., but they cannot fully practice medicine. ... Fellowship. Most radiologists do not end their training after their four-year residency program. ... Licensure and Certifications. ...

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