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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of radio do you get from RadioShack?

This RadioShack Portable Analog AM/FM/WX Weather Tabletop Radio with Analog tuner is a versatile, lightweight and portable radio, perfect for everyday use, vacations, and emergencies.... Sylvania Portable AM/FM Pocket Radio. Enjoy music wherever you go with the Sylvania Portable AM/FM Radio (Black). It features AM and FM radio.

Who is the holding company for RadioShack stores?

General Wireless Operations Inc. was created as an operating entity for the RadioShack store chain, while General Wireless IP Holdings LLC was created as holding company for the newly acquired RadioShack intellectual property assets.

When did radio shack close its computer center?

In June 1991, Tandy closed or restructured its 200 Radio Shack Computer Centers, acquired Computer City, and attempted to shift its emphasis away from components and cables, toward mainstream consumer electronics.

When did RadioShack change its name to realistic?

The first 40 years. In 1954, Radio Shack began selling its own private-label products under the brand name Realist, changing the brand name to Realistic after being sued by Stereo Realist. After expanding to nine stores plus an extensive mail-order business, the company fell on hard times in the 1960s.

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