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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the purpose of in the United States? seeks to be a synthesis of all passenger rail systems in the United States. The idea is to allow the user to easily view and browse all passenger rail systems (intercity, commuter, light, heavy, and others) in a single map, and to glean additional information about these systems and how they interact.

Is there a rail map for the UK?

RailMapOnline is a free website that aims to provide an interactive map of all historic railways for the UK and US. The UK map is mostly finished, although there’s always room for improvement. The US map is a work in progress, and will take many years to complete.

How does railmap work for the Victorian rail network?

RailMap is an online mapping application for the Victorian rail network that displays property and lease boundaries, buildings and platforms, third party utilities and aerial imagery. Please state your reason for needing access and attach supporting information such as a referral from an Authorised Rail Operator.

Where can I find maps of past railroads? provides interactive maps of past & present railways. Click on the maps below to start exploring. Note: The maps use Javascript and may ask for ActiveX to be enabled. The map window will open in a new browser tab.

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