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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the map of the railroads in 1867?

Map showing the Toledo, Peoria, & Warsaw Railway and its connections, 1867. Map of the Midwest showing drainage, cities and towns, township and county boundaries, and the railroads with emphasis on the main line. New railway map of the United States.

What was the route of the railroads in the 1800s?

Upon which are delineated its vast works of internal communication, routes across the continent &c. Map of the eastern half of the United States and part of Canada showing drainage, state boundaries, cities and towns, roads, railroads, and canals. Showing also the island of Cuba.

What kind of maps are there for railroads?

Lloyd's new county map of the United States and Canadas showing battle fields, railroads, &c., compiled from the latest government surveys & other reliable & official sources, drawn and engraved by Schơnberg ... Indicates location and date of engagements, towns, railroads, state and county boundaries, and rivers.

What did Colton's Rail Road and military map show?

Colton's rail-road and military map of the United States, Mexico, the West Indies, &c. Detailed general map of portions of North America framed in decorative borders showing drainage, international and state boundaries, cities and towns, forts, railroads in operation, and proposed lines. [From published bibliography]

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