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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any railroads in the state of Arizona?

Prior to the mid-1990s Arizona railroads included Class Is Southern Pacific and the venerable Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway both of whom had their main lines running east-west across the state. More Reading About Arizona... Magma Arizona 2-8-0 #5 is seen here switching the Southern Pacific interchange at Magma Junction, Arizona in June, 1967.

Where are the Santa Fe Railroad tracks in Arizona?

We have a fairly complete collection of Santa Fe right-of-way track maps from 1915 with revisions, running from Ash Fork through Prescott to Phoenix, with branches to Clarkdale and Mayer. The Prescott Depot is shown above, with a larger station plat available.

Where is the Apache Railway in Arizona located?

Apache Railway C420 #81 departs Snowflake, Arizona for the BNSF interchange at Holbrook on August 6, 2015. Drew Jacksich photo. In terms of overall mileage, currently Arizona ranks somewhat low at just over 1,800 route miles. However, during the "Golden Age" of the railroad industry the state was home to about 2,500 miles.

How big is a railroad station plat in Arizona?

The Prescott Depot is shown above, with a larger station plat available. Maps are 1:4800 scale, with four miles of track shown on 56 x 24 inch sheets. Station plats are 1:1200 scale.

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