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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the names of the railroads in Iowa?

Names of railroads are listed at lower left of map. Contributor: Parker, Nathan H. (Nathan Howe) - Parker, Nathan H. Railroad map of Iowa. Township and county map showing drainage, cities and towns. Railroads are distinguished by color and name. Contributor: Iowa.

When was the peak of the Iowa Railroad?

An Iowa railroad map, circa 1920. This illustrations shows the state's peak rail mileage, prior to major abandonments and cutbacks. Author's collection.

What was the map of Iowa in 1828?

Sectional map of the state of Iowa, compiled from the United States surveys also exhibiting the internal improvements, distances between towns & villages, lines of projected rail roads &c. &c.; drawn and ... Detailed township and county map showing drainage, cities and towns, roads, and railroads.

Who was the creator of the railroad map?

Galbraith's railway mail service maps, Iowa. One of eight large-scale pictorial maps of midwestern states showing routes and post offices of the Railway Mail Service. Designed by Chicago railway mail clerk Frank H. Galbraith to help employees of the Railway Mail Service quickly locate counties and post offices.

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