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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the state railroad map of Ohio?

Railroad map of Ohio published by the state, prepared under the direction of commissioner of railroads and telegraphs. Summary Shows counties, cities and towns, railroad network with named lines, and a list of "Railways operating in Ohio" and "Electric railways operating in Ohio."

How can I find out about rail in Ohio?

Check out the Rail in Ohio resources below to access the Statewide Rail Plan, view and download rail map files, and find out more about the state's intermodal railroad terminals. Know B4 U Go: Real-time traffic info & details on closures, incidents, traffic cameras, and more.

Are there any class I railroads in Ohio?

Ohio is a paradise if you are a railfan, as rail lines run every which direction featuring Class I main lines, regionals and even local short lines. In comparison to the state's size, Ohio is loaded with action!

What was the history of Transportation in Ohio?

Historic Transportation Maps State of Ohio - Railroad & Road Maps c1700- Indian Trails and Towns of Ohio(1914 Archeological Atlas of Ohio) 1785 Hutchins Plat of the Seven Ranges of Townships(N.W. of Ohio River)

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