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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a railroad tie cost?

Railroad Tie Cost and Pricing. Nasty stuff for some. My base numbers say a 13" X 27' has 160bdf scale and with a cost of $300/m or a cost of $48 (less closer to the stump), three ties @ $20/tie = $60. That pays for the log. Approximately 19 ties per m of logs or $380 in ties with around 540 bdf of side lumber.

How do you install railroad ties?

Place the first railroad tie into the trench at one end. Place the tie against the front wall of the trench, with the holes positioned vertically. Lay a 3-foot carpenter's level on top of the tie.

What do they treat railroad ties?

Railroad ties are treated with chemical preservatives , such as creosote and chromated copper arsenate. Both of these chemicals are banned for residential use, and they're potentially harmful to humans and plants.

What do they do with old railroad ties?

Old railroad ties can be used as cribbing on sloped land to lessen erosion. In landscaping, they can be used to line flower or other plant beds to keep the weeds from creeping in.

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