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Frequently Asked Questions

How heavy is a railroad track?

Track using 100 to 120 lb/yd (49.6 to 59.5 kg/m) rail is for lower speed freight branch lines or rapid transit (for example, most of the New York City Subway system track is constructed with 100 lb/yd (49.6 kg/m) rail). Main line track is usually built with 130 lb/yd (64.5 kg/m) rail or heavier. Aug 27 2019

Is it safe to ride over railroad tracks?

Train tracks can be hazardous, even for experienced riders -the gaps between the rails and pavement can swallow your wheel, and wet tracks can cause your tires to slide out from under you. When you come to the railroad crossing, slow down and ensure there is no train coming. You should never cross when the lights are flashing.

What holds railroad track in place?

A Steel spikes in wooden crossties are the most obvious way railroads keep rails in place in North America. They are one piece of a system of components that has been evolving since the 19th century. The system includes spikes, tie plates, crossties, track anchors, bolts, rock ballast, and other components.

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