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Frequently Asked Questions

Who sells Raleigh bikes?

The renamed Raleigh Cycle Company of America sold bikes in the US while the rest of the world, including Canada, received Raleigh of England bikes. At that time, production of some U.S. Raleigh models were shifted to Japan, with Bridgestone manufacturing most of these bikes.

Where are Raleigh bikes made?

Where Are Raleigh Bikes Made. raleigh bikes. The Raleigh Bicycle Company is a bicycle manufacturer originally based in Nottingham, UK. It is one of the oldest bicycle companies in the world. From 1929 to 1935 Raleigh also produced motorcycles and three-wheel cars, leading to the formation of the Reliant Company.

What type of bike is Raleigh?

Both Raleigh and Giant carry performance bikes for the serious cyclist. Raleigh and Giant use state-of-the-art parts, geared toward the particular type of biking. Giant, for example, uses its own TCR Advanced road bicycle frame to precisely fit its high-end road bikes to the user.

What year is my Raleigh bike?

1969 Raleigh Chopper. The Raleigh Chopper is a children's bicycle, a wheelie bike, manufactured and marketed in the 1970s by the Raleigh Bicycle Company of Nottingham, England. Its unique design became a cultural icon and is fondly remembered by many who grew up in that period.

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