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Frequently Asked Questions

What year did Team USA use Raleigh bikes?

In 1984, riding Raleigh-badged bicycles, Team USA scored several impressive victories at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles. The company also supplied bicycles to the French Système U team in the late 1980s where Laurent Fignon lost the 1989 Tour de France to Greg LeMond by 8 seconds.

What happened to Raleigh bikes during WW2?

During the Second World War, the Raleigh factory in Nottingham was used for the production of fuzes. Bicycle production was reduced to approximately 5% of its peacetime capacity. In 1939, Raleigh opened a bicycle factory at 6 Hanover Quay, Dublin, Ireland and commenced bicycle production there.

What kind of bike is a Raleigh?

After World War II, Raleigh became known for its lightweight sports roadster bicycles, often using Sturmey-Archer three and five-speed transmissions. These cycles were considerably lighter and quicker than either the old heavy English utility roadster or the American " balloon-tire " cruiser bikes.

When did the Raleigh RSW 16 bicycle come out?

However, this proved only a temporary setback, and by 1964, Raleigh was again a major selling brand in the US bicycle market. In 1965, Raleigh introduced the RSW 16, its long-awaited competitor to the hugely successful Moulton Bicycle.

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