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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of the Raleigh Bicycle?

The Raleigh Bicycle Company began life in 1885, when Richard Woodhead and Paul Angois set up a small bicycle workshop in Raleigh Street, Nottingham. The brand is as icon of British engineering, widely known for the glory days of the 1900s which saw it produce bikes like the children’s Chopper and Grifter, plus the Burner BMX bike.

What is a Raleigh folding bike?

The folding bike option from Raleigh uses an aluminium frame and comes with 20″ wheels and v-brakes plus seven rear gears on the cassette. Mudguards and a pannier rack come as standard, and there is an electric version with a 260Wh battery.

What kind of battery does Raleigh Centros have?

Raleigh Centros Tour and Grand Tour electric bike An electric bike range designed for relaxed and comfortable touring, the Centros range comes with a Suntour front suspension fork and have a very powerful 500wH Bosch battery that Raleigh say will allow you to ride up to an impressive 135 miles on a single charge.

What makes the Raleigh pioneer range different?

The Raleigh Pioneer range are designed to be resilient commuters which roll quickly on the road. The bikes feature an aluminium frame with a triple chainring and seven or eight rear gears to ensure there's enough range for any journey.

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