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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Raleigh bicycles?

Raleigh is a bicycle manufacturer producing wide variety of city, road, mountain and commuting bikes. Check out Raleigh’s full range available from bike shops and private sellers across the US, right here on BikeExchange. Founded in 1887, Raleigh Bicycles is named for the street the company was first located on in Nottingham, England.

Are Raleigh mountain bikes any good?

There’s a high-quality Raleigh mountain bike for every preference, including gravel, cyclocross, cross country and trail riding. All Raleigh mountain bikes feature the same passion for design and manufacturing excellence that has made Raleigh a leading mountain bike pioneer for nearly three decades.

What makes a Raleigh bike rigid?

Rigid: Raleigh bikes with rigid frames are comprised of a solid axle that connects the front and rear of the bike. The axle is made from hard metal, such as aluminum or steel. This causes the front and rear of the bike to react to obstacles at the same time instead of independently.

What is the wheel size of a Raleigh Tokul?

Raleigh Tokul 24" Youth Mountain Bike 24" Wheel 13.5" Frame 7 Speed ~ LOW MILES! Only 1 left! Raleigh Women's pink/white bike. 15 speed.

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