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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the patient portal at endocrine associates?

Raleigh Endocrine Associates offers secure viewing and communication via your computer, cell phone, or tablet, as a service to patients who wish to view portions of their medical record and communicate with our staff and physicians. The Patient Portal is designed to improve physician and patient communication.

Who is Raleigh endocrine associates?

Upon completing training, Dr. Becker founded Raleigh Endocrine Associates in 1977, and has been in clinical practice ever since. Dr, Becker has been active in the medical community, is on the medical staff of all area hospitals and is Medical Director of the Diabetes Center, Duke Raleigh Hospital.

Is endocrine Associates a secure facility?

Raleigh Endocrine Associates, in its opinion, has implemented reasonable and appropriate security measures to protect patient privacy.

Why choose restraleigh endocrine associates?

Raleigh Endocrine Associates has a dedicated Diabetes Care Team of Physician’s Assistants, Nurse Practioners and a Diabetic Educator who have extensive training and experience in working with all aspects of Diabetes.

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