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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the ex-dividend date for Ramsay Health Care?

The most recent RHC dividend details are as follows: ex-dividend date: 08/03/2021. This dividend is 48.5 cents. Franking percentage is: 100%. The payment date for this dividend is 31/03/2021. Based on our analysis, from 2010, Ramsay Health Care Limited pays dividend 22 times.

What is the yield of Ramsay Health Care?

The dividend yield is defined as amount of dividend paid divided by the share price. The average dividend yield in last 5 years is 1.95%. The RHC dividend payout ratio is 61.04%. The dividend payout ratio is defined as dividend amount divided by earning per share (EPS).

Where are the Ramsay Health Care Hospitals located?

Stay up to date with the latest shareholder information from Ramsay Health Care, register for email alerts, download the latest Annual Report or register for the next investors’ event. Ramsay Health Care has a global network of hospital and health care facilities located across three continents including Australia, Europe, and Asia.

When is Ramsay Health Care going to ban plastic?

Ramsay Health Care has pledged to ban a range of single-use plastic items from its 72 Australian hospitals, day surgeries and clinics by World Environment Day in June 2020. The latest edition of The Ramsay Way is now available, featuring hospital news, development updates and community involvement initiates by our staff and Doctors.

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