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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be the next Jeopardy host?

For the remainder of this embattled 2021 season, it will be only Mayim Bialik and record-setting “Jeopardy!” champ Ken Jennings sharing hosting duties, Sony Pictures Television confirmed to The Post. Beginning Monday, Bialik is helming several weeks of episodes, which will air through Nov. 5.

Who is currently hosting Jeopardy Tonight?

Tonight on Jeopardy!, a new host takes the stage: David Faber, a CNBC host who previously competed on an all-star version of the show. But in case you missed his previous appearance on the game show, or CNBC isn’t part of your regular rotation? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Who are all of the hosts of Jeopardy?

Trebek and Pat Sajak, host of Wheel of Fortune, traded places on April Fools' Day 1997. Pat Sajak hosted Jeopardy! and Alex Trebek hosted Wheel of Fortune with Sajak's wife, Lesly, as Trebek's co-host.

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