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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the FT Global MBA ranking come out?

Register for free here. However, the FT’s ranking and MBA report show that demand for MBAs stayed strong around the world and the salaries of alumni remained resilient when they were surveyed from September to October 2020, several months after the initial spread of coronavirus caused economic harm.

Why is the FT Masters in management ranking so high?

Candidates are trusting primarily the top brands, with a smaller surge in demand for less prestigious schools, he said. The FT’s ranking gives strong credit for high salaries and salary increases three years after completion of the programme.

When do the Financial Times Business School rankings come out?

Enquiries about the assurance process can be made by contacting Lori Huber of KPMG at [email protected] The specified audit procedures were carried out between October and November 2020. The audit date published denotes the survey for which the specified audit procedures were conducted.

How does INSEAD rank in the world for research?

We are particularly pleased to see how Insead has advanced significantly in the research ranking and in our gender diversity statistics.” The rankings are calculated from data including alumni salaries three years after graduation, the quantity of research in recognised journals and the diversity of students and faculty.

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