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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Rate my PC?

Click on Start button. From the start menu right-click on Computer and from the menu click on Properties. On View basic information about your computer page click on System Rating link available in System frame. On Rate and improve your computer’s performance page click on Rate This Computer button.

How do I score my PC?

Choose Start→Control Panel. Click the System and Maintenance link. Under the System icon, click the Check Your Computer’s Windows Experience Index Base Score link. You’ll see the WEI score for the computer’s processor, memory, graphics, gaming graphics, and primary hard drive.

What is the best benchmark for PC?

Geekbench is one of the best benchmarking software for Windows. Measure the power of your system, as Geekbench is the perfect CPU benchmark software. It allows the user to know how strong is their Windows system.

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