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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the rating agencies and what do they do?

Rating agencies such as Moody’s, Standards and Poor’s, and Fitch perform the rating service for a fee. Investors rely on the ratings to decide on whether to buy or not to buy a company’s securities.

How are consumers rated by credit rating agencies?

Individual consumers are rated for creditworthiness not by credit rating agencies but by credit bureaus (also called consumer reporting agencies or credit reference agencies), which issue credit scores . The value of credit ratings for securities has been widely questioned.

What is the role of rating agencies in the bond market?

Role of Rating Agencies in Capital Markets Rating agencies assess the credit risk of specific debt securities and the borrowing entities. In the bond market, a rating agency provides an independent evaluation of the creditworthiness of debt securities issued by governments and corporations.

Who was the founder of DBRS rating agency?

The company was founded by Walter Schroeder, who started sketching out a business plan while driving to Montreal on a family vacation. He developed the rating agency from scratch, starting the company with less than $1,000.

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