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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of rating system does Australia use?

Australia uses a complicated and very strict rating system for its programming. It is based on the Australian Classification Board system used for classifying films. The system uses six tiers. This rating system is maintained by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, a branch of the Australian Government.

What is the current credit rating of Australia?

Fitch Affirms Australia's Sovereign Rating at 'AA+'; Outlook Stable. Rating Action Commentary / Fri 29 Sep, 2006.

When did the Australian Classification Board start rating movies?

The Australian Classification Board was created in 1970 to classify or rate all films (and later in 1994, video games) that came into Australia. In the early years of the system, beginning in November 1971, there were four ratings. FA5 for ''not recommended for children under 5" (previously PG.This later became FA5)

How are TV ratings different to other TV ratings?

The huge changes in how we watch TV thanks to technology, though, have meant that ratings need to be measured differently. Now, there are several different elements that feed into the ratings system across both Subscription TV and free to air. This data includes both channel ratings data as well as programs.

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