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Frequently Asked Questions

How much should a charity spend on program expenses?

We believe that those spending less than a third of their budget on program expenses are simply not living up to their missions. Charities demonstrating such gross inefficiency receive 0 points and a 0-star rating for their Financial Health. Program Expenses from 33.3% - 50.0%:

Which is the most independent charity watchdog?

Give Thoughtfully. CharityWatch, founded 25 years ago as the American Institute of Philanthropy (AIP), is America's most independent, assertive charity watchdog. CharityWatch does not merely repeat what a charity reports using simplistic or automated formulas.

How does Charity Navigator adjust a charity's rating?

To accommodate for this variance, Charity Navigator analyzes the fluctuations in program expense growth and makes adjustments to converted raw growth scores used to calculate a charity's rating. Each cause area is adjusted individually, based on actual reported 990 data.

How many charities overpay their for-profit fundraisers?

10 Charities Overpaying their For-Profit Fundraisers Rank Charity Program Expenses Professional Fundraising Fees 1 Cancer Survivors' Fund 8.5% 88.1% 2 The Committee for Missing Children 5.7% 86.0% 3 Childhood Leukemia Foundation 17.4% 79.0% 4 Firefighters Charitable Foundation 9.3% 77.6% 6 more rows ...

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