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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ratings for Fox News Channel?

Fox News saw its trust ranking climb from 86% in February to 89% in August, just behind MSNBC, which had the highest overall trust ranking, 90%, though that was down from 93% in February. CNN experienced the largest overall decline of nine media brands surveyed, dropping from 92% in February to 87% in August.

What are the ratings for World News Tonight?

Nightly News was rated based on a 3-day average, while World News Tonight and CBS Evening News were rated based on a 2-day average due to the Thanksgiving holiday. CNN completes another calendar month as the No. 1 cable news network among adults 25-54.

Which is the highest rated cable news network?

Performing well during the mid-evening prime time slot on cable television is the goal of any network that takes its ratings seriously. Cable news networks like Fox, CNN, and MSNBC are engaged in a monthly battle to hit the top spot during prime time and grab the highest cable news ratings during those precious evening hours.

What are the ratings for CBS Evening News?

CBS Evening News saw growth in the demo, but only rated its Monday-Thursday broadcasts. Nightly News and World News Tonight's ratings are based on a 4-day average (retitled Monday for Memorial Day). CBS Evening News' ratings are based only on a 3-day average (retitled Monday and Friday). World News Tonight marks 61 consecutive weeks at No. 1.

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