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Frequently Asked Questions

What are TV ratings and their meanings?

Ratings in television can refer to either a generic term for the popularity of a show or the method used to specify the maturity level of the show's content. Typically, in the USA, it refers to Nielsen Ratings, a system developed by Nielsen Media Research for determining how many viewers are watching a program.

How are television ratings determined?

TV ratings are based on the measurement using an in-house apparatus to estimate the number of people watching a specific television show. For example, the Nielsen ratings are calculated based on a sample of 40,000 homes and about 100,000 people that are demographically representative of the population as a whole.

How do TV ratings work?

How do TV ratings work? Network and cable TV ratings have been gathered by Nielsen Media Research since 1950. There's a lot that goes in to measuring ratings, but basically, Nielson chooses a random sample of diverse American households and installs meters to keep track of what's being watched. They also monitor how long you watch, how many people are watching, and the device used.

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