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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of story is a ratiocinative tale?

A ratiocinative tale is a type of detective story in which there is a conflict or a case the detective needs to solve, following clues is a logical process.

Who was the first person to use the term ratiocination?

Edgar Allan Poe called it ratiocination, and he used it to fuel literature's first star detective, C. Some of the finest tales are tales of ratiocination. Stangneth uses the term in the standard way: as mental activity or, more strongly, as ratiocination.

What does it mean to join two probabilities by way of ratiocination?

This is joining two probabilities by way of Ratiocination or Deduction; the result of which is a less probability than either. And, even when he sides with the opposite school, it does not mean that he trusts to any scientific process of ratiocination.

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