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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of energy does a Rational combi steamer have?

The RATIONAL Combi-Steamer CCM is equipped with two coo-king energies moist heat dry heat+ + steam hot air+ These two cooking methods can be used either • singly • in sequence • or combined The RATIONAL Combi-Steamer offers the possibility to operate almost all cooking methods of the traditional cuisine in only one unit.

What do you need to know about rational ovens?

Rational's product line doesn't just include ovens - they also produce a wide range of different accessories for their products, including stands for those who need the extra height in their kitchens. Every product they make is designed to boost kitchen efficiency to help you keep up with busy hours.

What kind of oven is rational SCC 61?

[Requires commercial dock or a Forklift as a means to unload] Save 50% from original purchase Have been used at a Mexican R... Rational SCC 61 Self Cooking Center Stainless Steel Combi Oven 460V/3ph.

Can a rational oven cook with convection heat?

Rational combination ovens can cook with steam, convection heat, or a combination of both, allowing you to prepare a variety of dishes in them.

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