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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best definition of application rationalization?

Gartner defines application rationalization as the radical reshuffling of an application portfolio as part of an application strategy — a plan that implements changes to applications to achieve a business outcome. Application rationalization is a collaborative strategy with both IT and business stakeholders.

When to use rationalization as a business strategy?

To avoid that outcome, rationalization must be an integral part of the engagement. Apply a true lifecycle approach to applications and data. If an application is no longer used to support a current business process and its data is no longer growing significantly, it should be retired and its data archived.

Why do we need to use software rationalization?

Use software rationalization to prevent the cost of maintaining existing applications from stifling strategic software initiatives. From a high-level perspective IT budgets have two parts: maintenance and strategic initiatives.

What should be included in the application rationalization Playbook?

Rationalization efforts rely on leadership support and continual engagement with stakeholders to deliver sustainable change. This playbook provides simplified steps that break application rationalization down into component parts and it addresses challenges and opportunities for IT leaders approaching application rationalization for the first time.

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