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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best definition of data rationalization?

Data Rationalization is a Managed Meta Data Environment (MME) enabled application which creates/extends an ontology for a domain into the structured data world, based on model objects stored in various models (of varying levels of detail, across model files and modeling tools) and other meta data.

What does rationalization mean in the business world?

In the business world, rationalization is a process that most organizations consider. That's because it's aimed at improving efficiency, getting rid of waste, standardizing processes, and ultimately boosting the bottom line. Depending on the company and strategy, rationalization can result in the expansion or reduction in the size of the firm.

How is the word'rationalize'used in a sentence?

Examples of rationalize in a Sentence. She tried to rationalize her grandson's strange behavior by blaming it on the boy's father. He couldn't rationalize buying such an expensive car. She knows she shouldn't have done it—she's just trying to rationalize.

Which is the best definition of rationalised by the free?

1. to ascribe (one's actions) to causes that seem reasonable but do not reflect true, unconscious, or less creditable causes. 2. to make conformable to reason. 3. Math. to eliminate radicals from (an equation or expression): to rationalize the denominator of a fraction.

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