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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of rationalization in psychology?

Rationalizations are typically applied to actions, but they can also be given for beliefs. This is important to recognize for those of us trying to avoid false beliefs. The better we are at understanding our own reasons for believing things, the better we will be able to correct the beliefs if they are wrong.

Do rationalizations dull our sense of responsibility?

Ultimately, rationalizations dull our sense of responsibility for our wrongful actions. So, if we wish to truly be ethical people, we must carefully and consistently monitor our own rationalizations.

How to replace irrational beliefs with rational beliefs?

Like replacing bad habits with good ones, your irrational thoughts must be replaced with more rational ones. To counter each of Irritional Belief is a list of Rational Beliefs.

Why do we invent rationalizations to justify our actions?

In order to maintain our self-image as good people, we unconsciously invent rationalizations to convince ourselves that what we did was not wrong, not really harmful, not our fault, and so on.

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