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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need to rationalise the curriculum?

This necessitated the need to provide guidance to schools so that learners complete the academic year for promotion to the next grades with a better foundation of knowledge, skills and values. The Ministry recommended the rationalisation of the curriculum to 70% of the original subject syllabuses for Pre-primary and Grades 1-9.

What is the meaning of rationalization in sociology?

For other uses, see Rationalization (economics) and Rationalization (psychology). In sociology, rationalization (or rationalisation) is the replacement of traditions, values, and emotions as motivators for behavior in society with concepts based on rationality and reason.

What has been rationalised for Grade 8 and Grade 9?

The assessment record sheet for grade 8 is rationalised to two terms instead of the usual three terms and it is included. Grade 9 All the topics for grade 9 must be taught. The assessment record sheet for grade 9 is also rationalised and it is included. Junior Secondary guide for rationalised syllabuses for 2020, NIED, 2020 3

Why does rationalization of Culture take place in the modern era?

A potential reason as to why rationalization of a culture may take place in the modern era is the process of globalization. Countries are becoming increasingly interlinked, and with the rise of technology, it is easier for countries to influence each other through social networking, the media and politics.

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