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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find the standard form of rationalization?

Standard Form. The standard form to represent the rationalization of a denominator is given as follows: Consider a fractional number, 1/ (a-√b) The rationalized form of the number is written as. [1/ (a-√b)] × [ (a+√b) / (a+√b)] Rationalized Form= [ (a+√b) / (a 2 -b)]

What is an example of rationalization?

What Is an Example of Rationalization? 1 Step 1: Simplify the given fraction as 6/√7. 2 Step 2: Multiply the numerator and denominator by √7, to give 6√7/7 More ...

What is the procedure to rationalize an expression?

The procedure to rationalize an expression depends on the radical if that is monomial or binomial. To rationalize a surd or radical, in the denominator, different steps are to be followed depending upon the degree of the polynomial or the fact that if the radical is a monomial or polynomial.

What is the formula for rationalizing the denominator?

Rationalized Form= [(a+√b) / (a 2-b)] Frequently Asked Questions on Rationalize The Denominator. What is meant by rationalization? Rationalization in Maths is the process of removing the radical or imaginary number from the denominator of a fraction. This method is also known as rationalizing the denominator.

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