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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find the set of all rationalizable strategies?

Conversely, for two-player games, the set of all rationalizable strategies can be found by iterated elimination of strictly dominated strategies. For this method to hold however, one also needs to consider strict domination by mixed strategies. Consider the game on the right with payoffs of the column player omitted for simplicity.

How do you build support for rationalization efforts?

Racking up some early wins will build support for rationalization efforts. More politically charged opportunities, which also often have greater potential for value, can come later, after the system has gained momentum and the culture has embraced the rationalization efforts. 5.

Is rationalization a bad idea?

Rationalization can make you feel mentally relaxed, normal, and appropriate. In that sense, rationalization probably doesn't sound like such a bad idea, especially when you believe you have no control over the situation. What Can You Accomplish Through Rationalization?

What is the difference between a reorganization and a rationalization?

Similar to a reorganization, a rationalization is more widespread, encompassing strategy as well as structural changes. Rationalization is necessary for a company to increase revenue, decrease costs and improve its bottom line.

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