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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of rationalization in math?

Rationalization Rationalization is a process that finds application in elementary algebra, where it is used to eliminate the irrational number in the denominator. There are many rationalizing techniques which are used to rationalize the denominator. The word rationalize literally means making something more efficient.

What are the positive effects of rationalization?

In turn, rationalization can lead to better working conditions and higher pay for the workforce, ultimately leading to a higher standard of living in society. Additionally, rationalization can translate into both reduced prices and a higher standard of products for consumers.

Is rationalization necessary for modern society?

Yes, we must assent to the idea that rationalization and bureaucracy are necessary for modern society and the state to run smoothly. But to base all criteria of human action on rationality and calculation would be to remove the heart from the brain, the body from the mind.

Do rationalizations dull our sense of responsibility?

Ultimately, rationalizations dull our sense of responsibility for our wrongful actions. So, if we wish to truly be ethical people, we must carefully and consistently monitor our own rationalizations.

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