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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of website is

Benjamin Brojakowski of Bowling Green State University described RationalWiki as "a Wikipedia-style website aimed at educating individuals with unorthodox views". Snopes has repeatedly quoted RationalWiki for background on Sorcha Faal of the European Union Times.

Who is the owner of the rational wiki?

RationalWiki is owned by the RationalMedia Foundation and is funded through donations. In review, RationalWiki is a wiki site that is open source and editable by anyone.

Which is the best definition of rational wiki?

Rational Wiki. A wiki mostly dedicated to debunking antiscience movements and other quackery aswell as countless other articles dealing with logic and current events. Often touted as being biased towards the left a more accurate definition might be biased towards facts.

Is there a bias in the RationalWiki site?

In general, RationalWiki does not attempt to hide their bias as they routinely poke fun at conservatives. This has led to them being labeled leftists. Perhaps RationalWiki leans left, but in the end, they are a pro-Science source. In general, all information is sourced to credible sources of evidence, much like Wikipedia.

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