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Frequently Asked Questions

What foods weren't rationed?

Notable items that were never rationed included salt, and coffee: Brits weren't big coffee drinkers at the time so supplies weren't likely to run out. Other items such as lemons and bananas weren't rationed, either - because they simply disappeared from Britain for the entire war, and again, the goal of rationing was to guarantee a supply of something to consumers.

What goods were rationed during WW2?

Foods Rationed on the Home Front. Some of the food items that were rationed during World War II were butter, sugar, meat, canned fruits and vegetables, cooking oil, tea, coffee, dried beans, ketchup, and baby food.

What was the purpose of rationing?

Rationing occurred during the war, worldwide. The main purpose was to funnel supplies to soldiers in the war and control resources such as fuel for planes and tanks, food to feed soldiers, steel for armaments, and fabric to make uniforms.

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