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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the purpose of rationing?

Rationing occurred during the war, worldwide. The main purpose was to funnel supplies to soldiers in the war and control resources such as fuel for planes and tanks, food to feed soldiers, steel for armaments, and fabric to make uniforms.

What was the system of rationing?

Rationing was the system of limiting people’s access to food, clothes, and fuel. This was put in place because of shortages. The war meant that production of food and other items was disrupted, and transporting goods to where they were needed was difficult. Ration books were given out that listed what each person was entitled to buy each week.

What is rationing during WW2?

Rationing is the controlled distribution of scarce resources, goods, or services, or an artificial restriction of demand. Rationing controls the size of the ration, which is one person's allotted portion of the resources being distributed on a particular day or at a particular time. Rationing in the US was introduced in stages during World War II.

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