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Frequently Asked Questions

Does RCN provide dial-up access?

Dial up Access Numbers; Dial-up Access Numbers. RCN does offer older Internet dial-up access; however, RCN is not responsible for any long-distance charges associated with the use of our service. Always check with your phone company to ensure that the access number you're using is a local call for you. Connecticut; Delaware; Chicago; Maine; Maryland; Massachusetts

Who owns RCN Telecom?

RCN (Residential Communications Network) was originally created in 1993 by developer David McCourt and Peter Kiewit Sons' Inc. Kiewit also owned MFS, a Competitive Access Provider (CAP).

What areas does RCN service?

RCN is a large telecommunications company that offers cable broadband services in the US, with the most coverage in Northeastern areas like New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and four other states. Their primary product offering is residential Internet, phone, and TV.

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