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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RCN Internet?

RCN Internet is a provider of high-speed Internet, digital cable and phone bundles. In business since 1996, they utilize fiber-optic cables to service the following areas: Chicago, Boston, New York City, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia.

What are internet packages?

Internet Packages. There are several types of Visual Basic applications or components that can be packaged for Internet deployment, including: ActiveX controls (.ocx files) that are displayed on a Web page. ActiveX .exe or .dll files, designed to run on the client or the Web server. ActiveX documents, that are displayed in place of a Web page.

What is a RCN Cable?

RCN is a large telecommunications company that offers cable broadband services in the US, with the most coverage in Northeastern areas like New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and four other states. Their primary product offering is residential Internet, phone, and TV.

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