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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the email settings of RCN mail?

Important Email Settings of RCN Account ( If you have any other questions about RCN Mail Email Settings ? so, please Contact us. Email Settings. Port Number. RCN Mail IMAP Incoming mail server: ( Copy) 993, requires SSL ( Copy) 143, non-secure ( Copy) RCN Mail POP3 Incoming mail server:

How do I change my email password in myrcn webmail?

In a MyRCN account: Click Accounts & Passwords under RCN Webmail in the right navigation bar. In the Change Email Passwords area, select the email address from the drop down list. Enter the new password twice and submit.

How to configure RCN IMAP for iPhone?

To configure your RCN IMAP acount for iPhone, Android, ipad, Outlook and other programs you will require RCN IMAP Server and SMTP Settings you can copy the below IMAP Settings for details in the configuration RCN Webmail Account.

How to migrate multiple RCN email accounts in one go?

Batch Migration – You can also perform batch Migration of multiple user’s account using which you backup multiple RCN Email account in one go Selective Email Migration – The software has backup feature using which you can only perform the Migration for selective email according date wise, subject etc.

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