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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the English dictionary definition of recap?

Define recap. recap synonyms, recap pronunciation, recap translation, English dictionary definition of recap. tr.v. re·capped , re·cap·ping , re·caps 1. To replace a cap or caplike covering on: recapped the bottle.

What does recap stand for in Orange County?

Changing Lives" Regional Economic Community Action Program or RECAP is a private not for profit established in 1965 and is the designated anti-poverty agency in Orange County. RECAP has been serving Orange County’s most vulnerable residents for over 50 years.

Who are the owners of the recap facility?

The ReCAP facility consists of a preservation repository and resource sharing services, and is located on Princeton University's Forrestal Campus. ReCAP is jointly owned and operated by Columbia University, Harvard University, The New York Public Library and Princeton University.

What does recap do for people in need?

RECAP provides housing, Head Start, Energy Services, Workforce Development and Training, Residential and Non-Residential Addiction Support Services, Fresh Start Cafe and Parole Re-Entry.

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